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Announcing the Future of Citrix Licensing: Essential Insight for IT Leaders

20th March - 2pm

Hosted by Kris Haynes, Head of PreSales at Axess Systems, and Andrew Barlow, Partner Account Manager from the Cloud Services Group at Citrix, this webinar is a must-attend event for any IT leader responsible for utilising Citrix.


It is fair to say that these are the most significant changes to Citrix licensing in a decade, so this session will provide you with a first look at updates that promise to simplify how you engage with Citrix and NetScaler while delivering enhanced value and support.


Due to NDAs and confidentiality agreements, we cannot reveal the exact details, but we can and will discuss them in detail during the webinar.


We assure you that the forthcoming changes are not about increasing costs, unlike other recent industry shifts you may have heard about. Instead, we're excited to share improvements that will allow you to achieve these benefits immediately.


The webinar will focus on three key principles that are at the heart of the new Citrix licensing strategy:


· Simplification: How Citrix will make it easier to navigate product offerings, enabling you to utilise Citrix and NetScaler features fully.


· Value: You'll learn how the new licencing models are designed to provide optimal functionality and flexibility.


· Customer Success: How Axess Systems, in partnership with Citrix, provides you with a comprehensive support and services programme.


This webinar is your opportunity to gain insights directly from Citrix experts and understand how to apply these updates to benefit your organisation immediately.

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Don't miss out on this vital webinar to advance your digital transformation journey with Citrix and Axess Systems.


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